Tushbaby Safety Certified Hip Seat Baby Carrier Reviews [2024]

Your baby will be safe in our revolutionary, Tushbaby Safety Certified Hip Seat Baby Carrier. Our unique, adjustable hip seat and carrier are the most comfortable way to transport your baby. It is made with premium, safe materials and includes a variety of safety features. Our Tushbaby Safety Certified Hip Seat Baby carrier comes with two removable, full-length cotton straps that can be easily adjusted to fit any size child. The seat is padded and can be removed for washing. It also includes two safety buckles that prevent your child from falling out of the carrier.

5 Reasons to Choose Tushbaby Safety Certified Hip Seat Baby Carrier

There are many company carriers in the market. But do you really want to buy a carrier and hope that you find the one that works for you AND your baby? No, that takes a lot of money plus time. But Tushbaby Safety Certified Hip Seat Baby Carrier will solve your problem. So here are 5 reasons why you’ll love the Tushbaby baby carrier and why it’s a good choice for you. The carrier is made for the everyday parent meaning moms and dads plus it’s still fashionable

1. Secure Straps.

The way Tushbaby Safety Certified Hip Seat Baby Carrier is put on makes the carrier a secure hold for your baby. The straps are covered with high-end foam for your comfort, which will help easily use it.

The waistband is secured by steel rings and has a natural yoga mat pad to provide “fail-proof” security. Tushbaby Safety Carrier takes the pressure off your shoulders and brings it to your hips.

2. In or Out?

The design of the Tushbaby baby carrier offers enough space between your baby’s neck and the front of the carrier that they are secure but not irritated because of the soft fabrics used.

The inward-facing option is ideal for newborns baby weighing 8 lbs or more. This is also wonderful for new babies who love to be close to their moms & dads

3. Detachable Head Support Panel.

Tushbaby Safety Baby Carrier Perfect is an accessory that comes with each and every carrier in a matching design. You will love that you can use the support for your newborn baby to help support their heads. But when your little ones get older, they want to face forward and not have an obstruction in the way so you can remove the support and give them the freedom to see whatever is out there!

4. 100% Organic. The baby carrier is 100% safe for your baby.

The undyed Romanian hemp canvas is pre-washed which makes the fabric soft and gives it some texture. The inside of the liner is a blend of 100% organic cotton and hemp that is also undyed and ultra-soft fleece. The organic carriers are more breathable to keep you both a little cooler in the warmer months, but still cozy with a blanket during the colder ones!

5. Machine Washable.

This is definitely in the top 5 reasons why you want to get a Baby Carrier. Your child will split up, throw up or mess on the carrier and you don’t want to fuss with the mess. You can just throw the whole carrier in the washer and line-dry it and it’s as good as new!

Don’t let picking the right baby carrier be a headache! Know that the Tushbaby baby carrier is perfect for newborns and your child can grow with it. Plus, you’ll love how comfortable and secure it feels.

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Feature of  Tushbaby Baby Carrier

Tushbaby - Safety-Certified-Hip-Seat-Baby-Carrier


TushBaby is a soft, ergonomic baby carrier that sits right above your hip. Fits 24-44 inch waist (add up to 24 more inches to our Waistband Extender SOLD SEPARATELY), and weighs less than 1 pound. Just one safe, sturdy buckle to put it on. That’s it.


Our innovative Mom’s Choice Award-winning baby seats can be used for newborns up to 3-year-old toddlers; Doctor-approved, safety-certified design ideal for babies between 8-45lbs. New and improved design.


1) Feeding/breastfeeding, 2) Side carrying, 3) Front facing, and 4) Face to face


TushBaby doubles as a diaper bag with large storage pockets. Throw diapers and wipes in the storage beneath the seat. Access your keys, phone, and pacifiers in the side pockets. Store a bottle in the holder. Attach toys & sanitizer to the loops. And fold it right up for easy transport. Leave your stroller, clunky carrier, purse, and diaper bag in the minivan.


TushBaby evenly distributes your baby’s weight so you don’t have to constantly switch sides or strain your back. TushBaby has a plush pad around the abdomen for you, and the supportive, anti-slip hip seat is lined with squishy memory foam for your baby’s tush too


Tushbaby is a hip seat baby carrier made with 100% safe materials that meet all US CPSC and ASTM standards. With their three-point design, it helps to secure the baby’s weight and distribute the weight evenly on your hips. It also comes with a head support for extra support for the neck.

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