Pampers Ninjamas Vs Goodnites : Which is Best

Bedwetting can occur at any time. If your child is struggling to keep dry during the night, then bedwetting underwear can ensure they sleep soundly. Are you looking at Pampers Ninjamas vs Goodnites and trying to figure out which one is better in order to prevent your baby from wetting during the night?

Pampers Ninjamas and Goodnites are disposable underwear made for wear at night. They share the same characteristics. However, Pampers Ninjamas come in two sizes that are suitable for wearers who weigh between 38-125 lbs. Goodnites are available in four sizes suitable for children who weigh between 28 and 140+ pounds.

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 Why Choose Nighttime Diapers Instead Of Daytime Diapers

Diapers for daytime and nighttime are made differently and with good reason too! Both designs are intended to keep your baby’s pee and poop in one spot prior to their next diaper change. However, these two kinds of disposable diapers have distinct differences.

Why Kids Wet Their Beds

Watch this video to hear experts discuss how kids get wet on sheets at night and what you can do about it.

Daytime Disposable Diapers

Disposable diapers for daytime use are designed to stop your baby’s pee for shorter durations. At the point that your baby hits the four-to-7-month milestone, it’s also time to be more active. The diapers used during the day must be comfortable and light while keeping out leakage while taking into account your baby’s desire to be active!

Diaper changes for diapers during the day should be done every couple of hours to keep them from becoming soiled or uncomfortable for the child.

Nighttime Disposable Diapers

Nighttime disposable diapers are made to be worn during the time your child goes to sleep. They’re made of more absorbent substances that keep your child dry for longer. In most cases, you’ll only need to change your child’s diapers at night once, according to how often they pee or poop.

The nighttime diapers tend to be heavier than daytime ones and they provide more protection against leaks around the legs. Some diapers for overnight use have specific features specifically designed for children who have problems with bedwetting, particularly as they get older.

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Pampers Ninjamas Vs Goodnites – Differences And Similarities

When I was comparing Pampers Ninjamas with Goodnites My first impression was that they have many similarities. But, after further research, I discovered some distinctions which could prove to be the major factor to consider when you are selecting which one to wear to wear your child’s nighttime attire.


The size was a feature that stood out as the primary distinction between Pampers Ninjamas, and Goodnites. Pampers Ninjamas come in two different sizes. Goodnites, come in four different sizes. Size can be a factor in determining the right fit for wetters:

  • Pampers NinjamasS/M (38 to 65 pounds). and L/XL for 64 to 125 pounds.
  • GoodnitesXS which is 28-43 lbs, S/M 43-68 lbs L or 68-95 pounds, and XL between 95 and 140 pounds.

The four sizes available in the Goodnites range allow you to find the ideal shape, especially for children with smaller frames. Goodnites also suit young adults who are up to twenty years of age.

Absorbency Rate

Pampers Ninjamas absorb the wetness evenly and quickly, making sure your child is dry all night long. This is the reason it was on my short list of the top pull-ups for overnight use to help heavier wetters. Goodnites are made with five layers of protection and a higher absorbency rate compared to other brands that offer similar nighttime diapers.

Leak Protection

Goodnites as well as Pampers Ninjamas both have excellent absorbency, which helps keep leaks from happening in the night. However, Goodnites are reinforced and the double leg barrier on the hips provides additional protection against leaks. Pampers Ninjamas use the brand’s patent-pending lock-away channel design to protect against leaks.

Odor Technology

Goodnites provide discreet odor absorption and Pampers Ninjamas are made with the company’s exclusive OdorMask system. Your child will wake up in the morning feeling clean and free of unpleasant bedwetting smells!


Older children often feel awkward when they wear diapers. But, thanks to the QuietCloth fabricof Pampers Ninjamas, noises are reduced while wearing these sleep pants. This is also helpful when your child is a child who sleeps lightly!


Pampers’s Ninjamas The FormFit 360deg waist design allows them to move out all over and fit different body shapes, keeping children at ease. Goodnites come with flexible waistbands and stretchy sides, which makes them comfortable for all body types. Pampers Ninjamas are made of soft fabric that makes the wearer feel as if they’re wearing real clothing like cotton underwear.

Patterns And Colors

Goodnites are available in a variety of exciting patterns and colors for males and females. Pampers Ninjamas are less diverse in terms of designs and colors. However, they are gender specific.

Pampers Ninjamas

Pampers Ninjamas

What Company Makes Pampers Ninjamas?

Pampers Ninjamas disposable diapers are manufactured by the Procter & Gamble brand.



The main characteristics that are part of Pampers Ninjamas nighttime underwear include their natural feel, high absorbency advanced technology for removing odors, and comfortable stretchiness. The LockAway channels provide additional leak-proofing.

Your child will not be disturbed by loud diapers whenever they flip over during sleep thanks to the QuietCloth fabrics that are used in these diapers for nighttime use.

Why Consider It

Parents should think about Pampers Ninjamas for older bedwetters because they’re discrete while being comfortable and looking similar to “big kid” underwear. Also, your child won’t feel embarrassed about smelly clothes when they get up early in the day. If you’re comparing pull-ups and diapers, nighttime pants are a fantastic option for older children.


  • Easy pull-up design with a comfortable design to make it easy of use
  • It is priced well compared with other brands.
  • Not as large as other disposables used for diapers at night.


  • Strong fragrance
  • The ability to absorb and protect against leaks fails when a child frequently pees in the night.
  • It can be difficult to find the perfect fit



Who Makes Goodnites?

Goodnites can be described as a Huggies item manufactured under Kimberly-Clarke. Kimberly-Clarke brand.


Are Goodnites Considered Diapers?

Goodnites are advertised as pants for bedtime or even nighttime wear and are also referred to as diapers. They’re made of similar materials as other disposable nighttime diapers and are specifically designed for those who are bedwetters, from toddlers to young adults.


The main characteristics of Goodnites are their comfortable pull-up style similar to underwear, the extra absorbency, and double leak-proof protection for the lower thighs. The nightwear comes in four sizes and is available in vibrant colors and patterns for both girls and boys.

Why Consider It

Goodnites are more secure than the majority of other nighttime diapers. Your child will be dry all night long and you won’t have to worry about wet bedding as well with the double leg protection. If you’re struggling to find the ideal size for your older child Goodnites provides more sizes to test.


  • Super-absorbent for all-night protection
  • Simple for small children to stand up
  • It is suitable for small adults who suffer from incontinence.


  • The bulkier they are, the more likely it is to cause discomfort to the user.

Huggies Pull-Ups Night-Time

These Night-Time Pull-Ups by Huggies are designed to encourage “big kid independence” while having easy-open sides to facilitate diaper changes. The resealable sides allow you to adjust the waistband for a perfect fitting easily. But, they are only available in two sizes to fit children with a weight range of 16 to 40 pounds.

These diapers provide extra absorption and feature the unique disappearing Disney image whenever your child is peeing. If you’re in search of diapers for potty training These pull-ups are great for toddlers who are learning to utilize the toilet.

Pampers UnderJams Disposable Bedtime Underwear

The Pampers UnderJams disposable bedtime underwear are suitable for girls and boys. They are available in two sizes, namely both L/XL as well as S/M. Pampers NightLock is a feature that’s available. Pampers NightLock feature offers night-time leak protection and absorbs 20% more sound than other brands of the same type. Like Pampers Ninjamas, they’re made from materials that help reduce noise when the child is wearing them.

Sleepovers Youth Pants Bedwetting Underwear

These bedwetting pants are made for infants and young adults who weigh from 38 to 140 pounds. They are available in three sizes, namely SM/MED and LG/XL and XL. A stretchy core, ultra-absorbent lining, a stretchy waist, and waistbands, as well as hypoallergenic fabric, are the primary characteristics of these pants for sleeping. They provide comfort and safety, particularly for the sensitive skin.

Seventh Generation Overnight Diapers Size 6

If you’re in search of overnight pull-ups that are larger than 5T, you should consider one of Seventh Generation Overnight Diapers size 6. These are designed for kids weighing slightly more than 35 pounds. They’re breathable and adorable with cute designs and are ideal for children who have sensitive skin. They are without chlorine bleaching or lotions and perfumes.

Which Is Better: Pampers Ninjamas Vs Goodnites?

If you’re in search of the best diapers for overnight use for heavy wetters of Pampers Ninjamas and Goodnites are great choices. However, I chose Goodnites to be my preferred pick because you can choose from four sizes to pick from. It makes finding the ideal size for kids with different body forms.

With both Huggies and Pampers diapers that have their own distinct brand features for nightwear, Which one do you recommend for your child who requires help with bedwetting?

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